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Notes for the tab:



Notes for the tab:



N/A: Lorem Posts Removed

Notes for the tab:



Note: For most pages: %Page Title% | GEO is sufficient

Note: The Homepage title should't be %Page Title% | GEO, it needs something more handcrafted. Example: Eye Care | Friendly Optometrists | Chesapeake, VA

N/A: Location page includes a google map

Notes for the tab:



N/A: GTM Code is in markup

Notes for the tab:



Note: Should be descriptive of the image

Notes for the tab:



Note: Squish from 1920->320 wide. Note issues if you find any.

Squish Issues:

  • The Sheridan Dental Centre is too thick. Lower down the font weight to match comps
  • The line needs to be blue
  • Make these hyperlinks dark on the location section
  • Make the hyperlink dark
  • Make sure there is 15px left and right padding for this button
  • Instead of Friday & Saturday, separate them out. They’re taking up too much room on mobile. Also make sure there is enough padding on the bottom.
  • Sitewide: The h2 lines seem to be going off the screen. Shorten it down a bit on mobile.
  • Make sure there is a Book Appointment button here.
  • There is also a Book Appointment button at the last section, as well. I’m using this ziflow, so if you have a more updated version, you can ignore then.
  • Make these dropdown menus more rounded to fit brand better
  • Add a pinch more padding between the map and nav
  • Check if the COVID-19 Questionnaire is available to put on the site
  • The image of the staff members are quite massive in the modal. Please shorten down to a more manageable size.
  • The image of Sravani is not proportional to its neighbouring images. Ask if they have a better one
  • Reduce the font size of the staff member names on mobile
  • Center the h2 line on the 404 page
  • Insert 301s

Notes for the tab:



Note: Including background images & non-essential scripts with Lazysizes (and unveilhooks plugin). These scripts are included in POD-Starter.

Note:, first view, private test. Target time is 3s or less on a cable connection Target time is 3s or less on mobile Load times of over 6s will negatively impact SEO

Notes for the tab:


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